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I am an artist, passionate
 the studies and creation of
luxury materials design
which harm no creature nor place

by working through the expression
of love being present in every moment
for All living beings.

turtles on plastic

'Turtles on Plastic' painted as a private commission
Acrylic and alcohol inks on discarded ornamental plastic plate


During the process of painting the commission 'Turtles on Plastic', I became involved with a team to help curate the Climate Action Art Walk within our local community. This painting itself inspired the vision for an invitation, and by doing so, inspired a gorgeous event on a rooftop garden gathering the driving partners of environmental change for the better, within our community.

I overlaid process photos of the orginal painting along with digital rendering to create this unique invitation.

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 Global:  sustainability in action


The SDG's are a measure of International standard (by the U.N.) formed for sustainability procedures and implementation of necessary goals oriented toward protecting the climate of Earth and Humanity.

There's a field of study called thermoeconomics.
Just as thermodynamics describe how heat and entropy flow through physical systems, thermoeconomics explores how matter, energy, entropy & info flow through human systems.

Read the Article by clicking here.


The EC Education Center forges new paths in education for sustainable development, global citizenship education, and emerging leadership. It is a unique place that helps professionals and young leaders build their capacity to integrate the knowledge, values, and skills needed for a sustainable way of life.

The EC Education Center is located on the campus of the University for Peace 
in San José, Costa Rica.


In The News: 

"World's Largest Asset Manager Puts Climate At The Center Of Its Investment Strategy"
                                                   - NPR Business

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