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Tree of Hope is the first encaustic painting I have ever created. It has many striking layers of encaustic resin melting down the sides of it - the front panel is encausticboard that is built to last and withstand time and heat - and the sides are made of natural wood I stained by hand with layers of mahogany and other tints to blend dark and light colours. This painting is symbolic of Hope and its name is a homage to the famous saying "Arbol de la Esperanza, mantente firme", first appearing in a song 'Cielito Lindo', then titling a painting of Frida Kahlo.

in Spanish, "árbol de la Esperanza, mantente firme" translates to "tree of Hope, stand firm" (English).

This original painting was made specifically for the annual Women's show at The Buttonwood Tree, a cultural preforming arts center in Middletown, CT, United States of America.

Arbol de la Esperanza (Tree of Hope)

  • Because this painting is wax and oil paint, and involves no paper or canvas, it will not deteriorate in a humid setting where most art would mold or decay. When the humidity or steam comes in contact with this painting, it creates a matte look that personally I find even more beautiful, and does no harm to the painting itself.

    Working as a professinal framer I now realize how few art pieces have this unique ability.

    * Most artwork/photography must be specifically sealed within the frame internally, for such environments (if placed in a humid setting such as a bathroom) or deteriorating factors will set in.

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