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A Thankful Heart

Hydrangeas. photographer/artist unknown

Over the years I have been extremely selective in what I choose to put out into the world. This goes for prayers spoken at the supper table, to singing in a park or speaking with a friend.

I have seen others who have been braver than myself, many others. A child filled with emotion. An indigenous young women singing vibrations of ancient melodies. A person on the street striking up a conversation. An elderly journalist telling truths many may not believe (or like).

They did it. Through anything, they released it.

As I see this in the world around us, a feeling of what I may offer becomes overwhelming in my heart. Not because it is any greater or any worse. At this stage I know better than to compare truths - but the feeling of opening my soul to others... of trusting man with more than I thought possible - it is a feeling I have yet to explore.

For this gift, and for you, I am thankful.

~ Maria

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